A Brief Diamond Girl Hawaii History

I was born & raised here in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

I received both my Bachelor’s & Master’s degree (in business) at the highly regarded University of Hawai’i. After finishing college, I spent a great deal of my career in the retail industry with my focus on the fashion side of the business. During my career path, I was offered a position as a buyer of fine jewelry. Like many of us, I love jewelry & could not resist the very alluring opportunity! For 2 years, I purchased loose diamonds & fine jewelry for a prominent, successful Honolulu retailer specializing in bridal jewelry. While working there, I made many friends & attained great knowledge of the diamond business from multiple renowned diamond experts.

Into every girls life a little diamond should fall " Elizabeth Taylor

While I always have been an entrepreneur at heart, my next evolution would be to open Diamond Girl Hawaii: A company that offers people the highest quality diamonds & jewelry with incomparable personal service at the very best prices. I am a proud member of the Hawaii Jewelers Association and the founder of Honolulu Business Network's Downtown Chapter. I look forward to serving all of your fine jewelry needs!
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Why is Diamond Girl Hawaii Right For You?

The 6 Reasons Why Diamond Girl Hawaii is Your Best Choice for Jewelry!


Bringing couples together & making a fabulous engagement ring to symbolize their love!


To provide my clients with exceptional creations of the highest quality.


Prompt communication & unmatched personalized service.


Building lifetime clientele to provide for each special moment in your life! Engagement, anniversary, push present, graduation, mother's day and more.


Select the category that you're interested in

Purchasing loose diamonds instead of mounted diamonds, offers our clients quality assessment of diamonds that would otherwise be obscured by jewelry mounts.


For the Connoisseur

Our classic diamond stud earrings are set in your choice of white gold, yellow gold, silver & platinum. This is how to say so much more with so little effort.


The Silent Scream

Design your own custom diamond engagement ring. Choose from Classic, Vintage, 3 stone & so much more. You imagine it & our artisans will create it!


That Final Moment

Choose your classic men's wedding bands for a lifetime of style from bold diamond wedding rings in platinum, or classic gold bands to rugged rings in tungsten.


Real Men

The Hawaiian Heirloom bracelet is an island favorite! Solid gold bracelets engraved with flowers, scrolls & names fused with black glass enamel. All made with the craftsmanship from 200 years ago.


Global and Island Favorite

Diamond Girl Hawaii presents its women's & men's gold chains in a variety of lengths. Ranging from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold & much more. All gold karats available from 10k, 14k & 18k.


Accessories, Accessories

Diamond Girl Hawaii's fashion jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms & rings that will take your style from basic to brilliant. From classic to the trending must haves. DGH knows!


Fab on a Budget


Designed by our clientele and realized by our artisans in diamonds, gold, silver and platinum

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